Saturday, 10/01/2016

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Releases for today
Video player with plugins
An easy to use template based dvd authoring tool
Modular, streaming capable sampler
A simple converter to create Ogg Theora files
RSS Aggregator with Video Playback for watching Internet Video
Tntnet is a web application server for web applications written in C++
A 3D Modelling And Rendering Package
A directory browser for Internet radio and TV streams
Lightweight System Monitor
Free Pascal Compiler
FreePascal RAD IDE and Component Library
Multimedia File Converter
Command Line Video Extraction Utility
Webcam application for linux
Subtitle editor
Check validity of Internet email addresses
A xine-based Media Player for KDE3
A multi-pane, detailed-list file manager for Linux
Commons Compress
Gnutella Peer to Peer Client
Yet Another Telephony Engine
Console audio player
Media center (formerly known as XBMC)
NVidia Control Library
Powerful and easy-to-use multimedia player
VideoLAN Movie Creator
Open source karaoke game
Advanced GUI for ffmpeg
Stereoscopic media player
ROSA GUI frontend for MPlayer
Qt/Gambas gui to mpv
Alternative tray icon for Plasma 5 DE